Discover the Best Brews in Hull with Our Beer Tasting Gift Voucher


Hull, located in the East Riding of Yorkshire, has seen a growing popularity in its beer scene in recent years. With a rich history of brewing, the city has embraced the craft beer movement and is now home to a number of top-notch breweries and bars. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or just looking to explore the city’s vibrant culture, Hull’s beer scene has something for everyone.

How our beer tasting gift voucher works

Our beer tasting gift voucher is the perfect way to experience the best of Hull’s beer scene. The voucher allows you to visit some of the city’s top breweries and bars, where you can sample a wide variety of craft beers and learn about the brewing process. The voucher is valid for a certain number of visits, depending on the package you choose, and can be redeemed at any of the participating locations.

To redeem the voucher, simply present it at the brewery or bar of your choice. The staff will guide you through the tasting experience, offering insights into the different beers and answering any questions you may have. The voucher includes a tasting flight of beers, allowing you to sample a range of styles and flavours. It also often includes a behind-the-scenes tour of the brewery, where you can see firsthand how the beer is made.

The top breweries to visit in Hull

Hull is home to a number of top-notch breweries, each with its own unique offerings. Here are some of the best breweries to visit in the city:

1. Atom Brewing Co. – Known for its innovative and experimental beers, Atom Brewing Co. is a must-visit for any beer enthusiast. Their taproom offers a rotating selection of beers, ranging from classic styles to more adventurous brews. Don’t miss their flagship IPA, which is bursting with tropical fruit flavours.

2. Bone Machine Brew Co. – This small, independent brewery is making a big impact on Hull’s beer scene. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, Bone Machine Brew Co. produces a range of beers that are both approachable and full of character. Their pale ales and stouts are particularly noteworthy.

3. Humber Street Distillery Co. – While primarily known for its gin, Humber Street Distillery Co. also produces a range of craft beers. Their taproom offers a unique experience, with a selection of both gin and beer on offer. Try their Humber Street IPA, which is brewed with botanicals for a truly distinctive flavour.

Sampling the best IPAs in the city

Hull’s IPA scene is thriving, with a number of breweries producing exceptional examples of the style. Here are some of the best IPAs to try in the city:

1. Atom Brewing Co. – As mentioned earlier, Atom Brewing Co. is known for its innovative beers, and their IPAs are no exception. Their flagship IPA is a hop-forward delight, with notes of citrus and pine.

2. Bone Machine Brew Co. – Bone Machine Brew Co. offers a range of IPAs, each with its own unique twist. From their West Coast-style IPA, with its bold hop bitterness, to their New England-style IPA, with its juicy, tropical fruit flavours, there’s something for every IPA lover here.

3. Humber Street Distillery Co. – Humber Street Distillery Co.’s Humber Street IPA is a standout. Brewed with a blend of traditional and modern hops, it strikes the perfect balance between bitterness and hop aroma, with notes of grapefruit and pine.

Exploring the rich history of Hull’s brewing industry

Hull has a long and storied history of brewing, dating back centuries. The city was once home to a thriving brewing industry, with numerous breweries producing beer for the local population. Over time, however, the industry declined, and many of the city’s breweries closed their doors.

In recent years, however, there has been a resurgence of interest in craft beer, and Hull’s brewing industry is experiencing a renaissance. New breweries have opened, and existing ones have expanded, bringing a new wave of creativity and innovation to the city.

The impact of Hull’s brewing industry on the city cannot be overstated. Not only does it contribute to the local economy, but it also adds to the cultural fabric of the city. Breweries and bars have become gathering places for locals and visitors alike, fostering a sense of community and providing a space for people to come together and enjoy good beer.

Tasting the unique flavours of Hull’s craft beers

Hull’s craft beer scene is known for its unique and innovative offerings. Here are some of the most unique beers to try in the city:

1. Atom Brewing Co. – Atom Brewing Co. is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to beer styles. Their range includes everything from traditional styles, such as stouts and pale ales, to more experimental brews, such as their Peanut Butter and Jelly Porter.

2. Bone Machine Brew Co. – Bone Machine Brew Co. takes a creative approach to brewing, often incorporating unusual ingredients into their beers. Their Beetroot and Orange Pale Ale is a prime example, with its vibrant colour and unexpected flavour combination.

3. Humber Street Distillery Co. – Humber Street Distillery Co. is known for its gin, but their craft beers are equally impressive. Their Rhubarb and Ginger Saison is a standout, with its refreshing tartness and subtle spice.

Pairing beer with local food specialities

Hull’s food scene is as diverse as its beer scene, with a range of local specialities to try. Here are some of the best local food specialities to pair with beer:

1. Patties – A Hull institution, patties are a type of meat pie that originated in the city. These savoury treats are the perfect accompaniment to a pint of beer, with their rich, meaty filling and flaky pastry.

2. Chip spice – A unique seasoning blend that is popular in Hull, chip spice is a must-try for any visitor. Sprinkle it on your chips (fries) for a burst of flavour that pairs perfectly with a cold beer.

3. Smoked fish – Hull is located on the coast, and the city is known for its smoked fish. Whether it’s smoked haddock or smoked mackerel, these delicacies are a great match for a crisp, refreshing beer.

Meeting the passionate brewers behind Hull’s best beers

Hull’s brewers are a passionate and dedicated group, and their love for their craft is evident in the quality of their beers. Here are some interviews with Hull’s top brewers:

1. Atom Brewing Co. – “At Atom Brewing Co., we’re all about pushing the boundaries and experimenting with different flavours and styles. We believe that beer should be exciting and innovative, and we strive to create beers that are both approachable and full of character.”

2. Bone Machine Brew Co. – “Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Bone Machine Brew Co. We take a hands-on approach to brewing, paying close attention to every detail to ensure that our beers are of the highest standard. We’re constantly experimenting and refining our recipes to create beers that are unique and memorable.”

3. Humber Street Distillery Co. – “Our philosophy at Humber Street Distillery Co. is all about balance and harmony. We believe that a great beer should be well-balanced, with each ingredient playing its part. We also draw inspiration from our gin-making process, incorporating botanicals into our beers to create unique and interesting flavours.”

Uncovering hidden gems in Hull’s beer scene

While Hull’s top breweries and bars are well-known, there are also a number of hidden gems in the city’s beer scene. Here are some lesser-known breweries and bars worth visiting:

1. Old House – Tucked away in the heart of Hull’s Old Town, Old House is a cosy pub with a great selection of craft beers. The pub has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, making it the perfect place to unwind with a pint.

2. Furley & Co. – Located in the city centre, Furley & Co. is a craft beer bar with a twist. In addition to their impressive beer selection, they also offer a range of gourmet hot dogs, making it a great spot for a casual meal and a pint.

3. Yorkshire Brewing Company – Situated just outside of Hull, Yorkshire Brewing Company is a small, family-run brewery that produces a range of traditional ales. Their taproom offers a warm welcome and a chance to sample their beers in a relaxed setting.

Why a beer tasting gift voucher makes the perfect gift for beer lovers

A beer tasting gift voucher is the perfect gift for any beer lover. Not only does it provide the opportunity to explore Hull’s vibrant beer scene, but it also allows the recipient to learn about the brewing process and sample a wide variety of beers. The voucher is flexible, allowing the recipient to choose when and where they want to use it, making it a truly personalised gift.

Purchasing a beer tasting gift voucher is easy. Simply visit our website or contact our customer service team to choose the package that best suits your needs. Once purchased, the voucher will be sent to you or the recipient, ready to be redeemed at their convenience.


Hull’s beer scene is thriving, with a wide variety of breweries and bars to explore. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or just looking to experience the city’s vibrant culture, Hull has something for everyone. From the top breweries to the hidden gems, there’s no shortage of great beer to discover. So why not grab a beer tasting gift voucher and start exploring Hull’s beer scene today? Cheers!